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Skelton Callender Solicitors in Lisburn supporting Will Aid

Thinking of our own mortality can be a frightening task and it is for this reason that many of us put off making a Will. In the event of you dying without a Will, the reality is that your surviving loved ones could find themselves dealing with a complicated process and paperwork, during what will already be a very difficult and emotional time for them. In addition, your assets will be dealt with according to the law. This means that they may not be divided in the way you would have wished.

By making a Will, you are putting a proper plan in place, which can then be actioned by your family, at the time of your death. There are really two important points you need to think about: –

Who should have your money, property and possessions when you die; and
Who will be in charge of organising your estate and following the instructions you leave in your Will
In addition, you can also choose to use your Will to indicate any wishes you may have regarding your funeral arrangements.

The actual process of making a Will needn’t be stressful or taxing. At Skelton Callender Solicitors, we like to simplify the Will making process as much as possible, taking all of the stress away.

We are taking part in Will Aid, during the month of November. Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine UK charities. During Will Aid month, as a participating Solicitor, we waive our usual fee for writing a basic Will. Instead, we ask that our clients make a charitable donation to Will Aid. You would therefore not only be gaining peace of mind by writing your Will, but you would also be helping to fund life-changing charity work at the same time. For more information on Will Aid, visit http://www.willaid.org.uk

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