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Dawn Callender – Skelton Callender Solicitors wins Influential Women in Business Award 2024

Even the most chauvinist of males will have to admit that it is far more challenging for a woman to succeed in business than a man. Fortunately attitudes are changing and more and more women are rising to the top of their professions and empowering more women to break down the barriers they face in the often male dominated industries in which they operate. In this edition we are celebrating the inspirational women that have broken through that glass ceiling like Dawn Callender, owner of multi award winning solicitors, Skelton Callender Solicitors. In recent years Skelton Callender Solicitors has been making a real name for themselves, establishing a well deserved reputation as one of the rising stars of their industry. The company was first established by Dawn Callender after having several years working as an Associate Solicitor in a private practice before taking the dive and setting up her own firm. With her expertise and professional approach, it has allowed Dawn to successfully grow her business with lasting relationships with all her clients.

Here at E2 Media we are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our highly anticipated Influential Women in Business Awards for 2024, a celebration that honours the remarkable achievements and contributions of women in various industries. This prestigious award aims to recognise the inspiring leaders who have made a significant impact on the business landscape. Among the deserving recipients is Dawn Callender, owner of Skelton Callender Solicitors, who has been given the award for her outstanding dedication, innovation, and leadership in the general law industry. The Influential Women in Business Awards not only highlight individual accomplishments but also serve as a platform to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders.

One of the foundations that much of their success has built is transparency and good communication. Dawn believes keeping clients up to date on what’s happening with their legal matters reduces stress. They ensure that they get back to clients with updates or to provide clarity on any issues they may have. Having clear communications has helped Dawn and her team
maintain strong relationships with their clients. Despite her years in the industry, she still retains the same passion for her work. Dawn’s journey provides real inspiration to women everywhere and shows just what can be achieved through hard work, drive and a determination not to be held back. She’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and it’s clear that there are many chapters yet to be written in the Dawn’s story.

Skelton Callender Solicitors is a general law firm offering legal advice on a wide range of issues, including property law, matrimonial law and wills and probates. When dealing with the nature of family law, it can often become daunting and at times an emotionally heightened situation for most clients. Dawn has always felt passionate about changing clients’ experiences of the legal system, she and her team are committed to making the legal process straightforward and stress free, approaching your issues with compassion and practicality. Dawn works tirelessly in ensuring the environment in her offices are welcoming and relaxing while maintaining the high standards they are renowned for.

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